You Can Invest Too! NOW EVERYONE Can Make and Save Money with Gold Silver and Coins!

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Right there in front of me. John bought 5 dollars worth of Gold! This means the average person can now make or save money and stop depending on the decreasing value of the dollar for purchasing power and the future!

Hold On Let Me Backtrack

Wait Rick, I'm ready. I just want to start investing in gold, silver and collectable coins so I'm clicking this link to get started.

My teacher friend and associate called me. She works with me in my in home tutoring business here in Honolulu Hawaii. When she invited me to a business meeting with another teacher I told her this,

"If anyone else would have asked me to come to a business meeting I'd have said no." You see I've been to a lot of direct sales and MLM meetings. I never could get around the high price of the products which I was supposed to believe in so I could share with others and make money while I was doing so.

She was complemented by my response and we made an appointment time to meet in her classroom.

These Are The Important Points That John Explained to Me

Fiat money is money not backed by anything but the fact the government says it has value. This unbacked currency (thank you President Nixon) due to its nature is going to decrease in value. This is called inflation.

Gold and silver do not increase in value! The fiat money you use to purchase gold decreases in value!

It makes no sense to save money that decreases in value. Gold and silver primarily increase in value.

If the inflation rate is higher than the interest of your money, you're losing money in your savings account!

Coin memorabilia is an aggressive way to make money fast. Note: Nothing is guaranteed. Nothing in here is investment advice.

You're NOT spending money when you invest in gold and silver. You're replacing your fiat money with "God's money" (gold). Gold and silver have had value and kept a value for thousands of years.

It's MLM-based! For those of you that don't like network marketing don't use that part! Just invest in the gold, silver and coins at Dealer Direct Prices. This leads to the next advantage I saw in working with this gold silver and coin investment company -

MLM products are increased in price by a ridiculous amount! Sometimes by five or six times the suggested retail price. You buy your gold and silver and coins at a competitive rate very close to spot (the cost of the precious metal). I've been in several network marketing companies and was SHOCKED at the price difference say between protein drinks or energy bars as compared to a grocery store. THIS PRODUCT IS DIFFERENT BECAUSE....

The products, gold, silver and commemorative coins will MAKE YOU MONEY! I don't have to sell the company's products to make money. I can make money by investing in the products themselves. DO YOU SEE THE DIFFERENCE?! This is not to be construed as investment advice. In any investment, there's a chance you will lose money.

The Benefits of Working with The Precious Metals Gold Silver and Coin Company That Made Me Join

Wait Rick, I already know the benefits of investing in precious metals. I just want to start investing in gold, silver and collectable coins so I'm clicking this link to get started.

You read my description. Taking a little bit of money saved and investing it, no matter how small the amount, into gold and silver, which will at least stay at the same value or increase, drew my attention the most.

As a family man, being able to resell my gold and silver back to the company and get paid back within one business day impressed me. You never know when there will be a family emergency.

Using the company's secure vault which ACTUALLY contains your gold and silver instead of a paper certificate. As I understand many companies, though claiming to back up their gold certificates with gold in their vaults, have to play catch up which is what causes the delay and fees in getting your money turned back into fiat cash.

Additional Benefits for Joining This Gold Silver and Coin Investment Company.

✓ Buyer’s Certification

✓ Collector’s Certification

✓ Business Builders Academy

✓ Exclusive Collections

✓ SoundMoney Wallet

✓ Coin Drop Access

✓ Premium Stack-n-Sell - $199 Value

✓ 12 Months Wealth Systems App - $239 Value

✓ Premium Business Reporting - $360 Value

✓ Premium Training - $99 Value

✓ Total Value $1500+

The Sound Money Wallet is what makes it possible to exchange gold or silver to money and visa versa exchanges within one business day. Again that one business day eased my mind about possibly needed family money being invested.

If you're wondering if you need all that just to buy gold and silver the answer is no. Even standard members get Dealer Direct Prices and YES, you can buy gold, silver, and coins as a guest without becoming a member, but you will not get the points that can be used to purchase more gold and silver or even for travel!

enter image description here Okay Rick, I'm Ready to Start Saving and Making Money and NOT Depending on Paper Money and The Government I'm Clicking This Link NOW!